Welcome to Rachel Kato, Alexander Technique Teacher in Wetherby, West Yorkshire 

The aim of the Alexander Technique is to make you aware of yourself . . . . no, really aware of your whole self. For the Alexander Technique treats mind, body and soul as one unique, living, breathing organism. 
You may have heard that the Alexander Technique is good for improving mobility, posture, performance and relief of chronic stiffness, tension and stress . . . it is also good for enhancing quality of life: you may not have any particular health problems but recognise that the stresses and strains of modern life take their toll. You may simply welcome the chance to replenish your energy levels and put some spring back into your step. 
Are you: 
Suffering from stiffness in the shoulders, neck or joints? 
Experiencing niggling back pain, possibly associated with poor posture? 
Feeling irritable?  
Noticing shortness of breath?  
Worried about poor circulation or lack of sleep? 
If your work forces you to stand or sit for long periods you may have unconsciously adopted poor postural habits. Are you using a computer all day long or suffer when you do workouts or practise your instrument? Everything we do for a considerable amount of time a day may lead to stiffness and complaints, increasing our chances of developing injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), spinal curves and hip-problems. Gardeners, workmen, musicians, computer-operators, hair-dressers, taxi-drivers . . . . the list of professions is endless. Anyone and everyone can benefit. 
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